What Newborns Should Wear to Bed

Comfortable Newborn ClothesNew parents can be a bit paranoid, always thinking about the bad things that could happen to their child. This is an important part of being a parent as that paranoia keeps them from allowing their child to come to harm in many instances. But they may need to have some peace of mind about their baby, and especially when their child is sleeping, since they cannot keep an eye on the newborn every moment.

At night, when both the parents and the child are sleeping, the child could get it not trouble and the parents might never realize it until it is too late. This is a concern many parents have when they first bring a child home from the hospital. But there is more to consider than just the worst-case scenario. Children can also be uncomfortable during the night, and they may toss and turn and make themselves uncomfortable due to the way they are laying on their clothes.

Clothes play a huge part in how comfortable and safe the baby is, and if parents choose the right clothes for their child, then they have far less to worry about at night. Let’s look at some of the clothing rules that parents should follow when it comes to newborn baby clothing.

Newborns do best in simple, one-piece outfits. These are easy to get on and have the fewest straps, buttons, zippers and other items that a baby could injure themselves on. The simpler an outfit is the better suited it is for the child. If it has a lot of small parts, those can become dislodged or get lodged in the child’s throat. Ribbons, straps, belts and other long, thin objects could come undone and end up as choking hazards, so they are definite non-no’s for when the newborn is sleeping.

Clothing should also not be too tight, because restrictive clothing can disrupt blood flow or cause breathing difficulties. It’s not a bad idea to unzip or unbutton longer outfits just slightly below the neck when the baby sleeps to ensure they can breathe easily.
Baby clothing should be chosen with care, and parents have a lot of options with resources like newborn baby clothing. They just need to think about how comfortable the baby will be and if the baby could injure itself on the clothing while sleeping. Following the simpler rules outlines here will keep the baby much safer.

What Newborns Should Wear to Bed
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