Solar Panel

Australia Leading The Way In Solar Installs

Last year it was reported that Australia was the leading solar panel installed country in the world which is quite a remarkable achievement for the energy sector. With Germany known for leading the way in solar power installs (See Here for solar power systems Brisbane), it now looks as though Australia is stepping up to the plate in fine fashion. Australia known for implementing schemes to get people to move towards clean energy has seen a great increase in the number of people signing up for the programs.

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10 Per Cent Solar Energy

The chief commissioner professor Flannery has said that the total amount of solar energy powering Australia’s energy supply is 10 per cent, which is a fairly substantial figure when you do the math. Their have also been reports of 1 in 5 people owning solar power in Queensland this year which has made heads turn. If that many people have solar power already then the numbers could possibly double soon as when someone installs a solar power system in the street, and another person without solar power see’s the solar power installation on the roof and good reports about it, they can be likely to purchase a solar power system themselves. Click Here for a range of Brisbane Solar Panels.

Renewables To Be Running The Economy

It’s even been said by the professor that the future of renewables could be that they’re become so main stream that the actually start to run the economy in a fashion. The speed of the boom is what also has been getting people’s attention which partly is due to the cost of solar panels being decreased by 75 per cent in 4 years. This means that a 5kW system at $10000 dollars costed up to 17000 dollars 4 year’s ago this is a large cost for a system back then, and people were probably less willing to pay for such a system. From metrics and search analysis it looks like the 3kW is the system of choice for most people as it’s the most popular search for people in the Queensland region (Click Here for the an overview of solar in Brisbane. This could change however, as people find it may be more affordable to buy the larger systems due to the costs being reduced by so much.

Solar Brisbane and Beyond Possibly The Most Affordable Energy

A further report went on to support professor Flanneries findings with the figure of 754,000 houses and businesses Australia wide having solar panels installed on the site. Queensland doubling the amount of solar installation and the prediction is that solar PV could be one of the most cheapest forms of power for Australia in 2030. So right now in 2012 there’s really a good looking line of growth in the industry from here on in.

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