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Blogs help you get hired. Blogs help with sales. But…you don’t get a new position or chat with a stranger sell products based on blog posts alone. Blogs are simply part of the information, positioning, and sales process.

What posting a blog can do is give you the opportunity to provide people information and insights into what they need when they need it. The key is that you are involved in their decision journey.

What the Data is Saying

According to Google the average online shopper in 2011 used 10.4 sources of information to make a decision, up from 5.3 sources in 2010.

TIP: Make sure you are a part of the decision-making information your prospect needs to make a decision!

In order to be a part of your new employer or client’s discovery process as they wend their way through the sales funnel, it’s ideal to have your insights spread throughout the decision-making process. Blogging showcases thought leadership, builds visibility, and expands your brand – by giving people value, by being relevant and meeting their needs.

Here’s an easy 4 step approach to use for generating spot-on blogs to meet your job or sales objective:

Analyze – Think about my target audience and consider what problems they need to solve (for example, costly and/or poor results with advertising, or meeting new production quotas and needing a hard-working skilled worker).
Create – Jot down several blog ideas that help solve that problem or provide insights into how to address the issue. For example, create one blog post for each of the decision-making stages (definition, alternative development, comparison and evaluation, final decision, implementation, ongoing monitoring).
Solve – Look at the solutions from your audience’s perspective – figure out what will really help them with their problem.
Write – Engaging, direct and pointed blog posts are better than long, rambling ones.
Visibility for you or your product/service comes through the valuable information your provide your target audience through your blog posts. let hirers and buyers know you’re there only because what you blog about matters to them.

What this means to You

Build your case via blogs – this means creating posts that hit at various stages of the sales/decision funnel.
Don’t oversell or rush to the close – you’re building a relationship using blogs, results occur over a longer time horizon.
Blogging takes time, and it takes energy. Don’t expect immediate results – this is a longer-term strategy.
Monitor and assess your blogging efforts – this helps you better hone and focus your efforts. Determine what subjects you blog about gain the most traction and are the most useful.
Blogging builds a base of credibility and value that you can (and must) leverage using other tactics (advertising, in-person contacts, marketing activities). It is part of your efforts, it cannot nor should not be all of your effort.
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